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Our ‘No Naked Walls’ philosophy extends to the plinths, mantelpieces, and side tables in the homes of customers too! We offer a fantastic range of bronze and bronze resin sculptures to beautifully adorn your home, and complement your existing art collections. 

Suzie Marsh offers a range of animal sculptures – from palm-sized ornaments, to pieces over half a metre in height. Suzie’s collection features a number of domestic favourites, including cats, dogs, and rabbits, as well as wildlife from around the world including bears, tigers, and elephants. Her Bronze Resin sculptures are all featured in our Art Under £1000 Collection, making them affordable additions to your home, and perfect gifts for the animal-lovers in your life.  

Offering a more contemporary feel, our range of teal sculptures by Philip Hearsey make colourful and intriguing additions to any home. Working in bronze with teal patinas, as well as other organic materials including wood and stone, Philip’s work is wholly inspired by nature. The smooth, undulating forms of Philip’s sculptures draw upon the waves in the seas that surround the South Coast of England. His colourful style lends a pop of modern vibrancy to home interiors, whilst presenting a timelessness to complement even the most traditional of collections.