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Penny Warden and Juan Aliaga both paint with simple white backgrounds on their canvases. This allows their striking designs to truly stand out, and make an impact in any space. Penny’s signature colour palette consists of white, red, and black, with the odd addition of other colours to introduce an added vibrancy to her paintings. Her graceful dancers and elegant horses lend a dynamic energy to home interiors, with her fun contemporary painting style. Juan is known for his truly unique figurative paintings, featuring small people in joyous contexts. From skiing, to swimming, and everything in between, Juan’s playful figures cleverly create a 3D effect, building interest and intrigue in any interior space. 

Many of our white paintings are wintery landscape scenes, courtesy of Celia Wilkinson, John Connolly, and Richard Thorn. Pairing white with icy blues, they capture the cool, crisp essence of the Winter months. These paintings present a fantastic way to introduce pops of colour into your home, and allows you to enjoy the magical experience of the first snowfall, all year round.