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For John Connolly, the sky is just as important as the meadows in his landscapes and the waves in his seascape paintings. In these uplifting and colourful artworks, John expertly paints sunrises and sunsets, to perfectly capture the atmosphere at these times of the day. John’s cloudless blue skies encapsulate the essence of Summer at popular British holiday locations. This popularises his work amongst collectors seeking to commemorate special trips to Cornwall, the Isle of Wight, and more. 

Henrietta Stuart paints abstract landscapes and seascapes, where the sky seamlessly blends in with the environment. Her atmospheric works have been compared to the works of J.M.W. Turner, although she favours a far more modern colour palette. Henrietta’s abstract sky paintings feature a contemporary use of soft greys and vibrant pink tones to present a decorative and enticing body of large-scale works.