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No Naked Walls offers a fantastic selection of original paintings and limited edition prints by Les Matthews. His colourful cityscapes combine highly detailed Fine Art painting, with a contemporary graphic design style. Les paints with a predominantly blue colour palette, making for a collection of fresh and uplifting artworks.  

Sharon Withers offers a modern take on landscapes, with her contemporary oil paintings. Working with layers of bold colours, Sharon’s dynamic paintings are vibrant and uplifting. Her large-scale artworks are perfect as statement pieces, making the perfect focal point for modern interiors. 

Paul Fearn works with an innovative use of sheet metal for his modern wildlife artworks. Inspired by aquatic creatures, Paul’s artworks feature jellyfish, koi, and various other sea life animals, etched into copper sheets. His understated use of colour offers subtle pops of teal patinas, where his intriguing industrial process really shines through.