Home approval service

We share your passion for unique and beautiful pieces of art and believe that the perfect piece can enhance a beautiful home or workspace.  We appreciate choosing the ideal artwork is not always an off the shelf option and we therefore make it our mission to work with you to make the experience of selecting your perfect piece an enjoyable one.

We are delighted to work with you to help you find the right piece and we encourage clients to experience their chosen artwork in their own setting at home truly allowing time to enjoy the artwork using our home approval service.

Our home approval service allows you to try before you buy and give a new home to a beautiful art work for up to a week. This provides you time to appreciate the art in situ and at varying times of the day and night. A gallery setting is designed to maximise light and draw out the expression of the artwork. It is also an ideal time to show your new artwork to friends and family members. We believe it is important to ensure this is carried through to your home making the best of your interiors.