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This popular bluegreen colour offers a tranquil yet revitalising addition to home interiors. 

The colour teal is used by some of our bronze artists, who work with the metal to create truly works of art. Colourful patinas are created where the natural metal has been eroded to produce a beautiful turquoise colour. 

Paul Fearn’s metal sheet paintings contrast the greenish-blue tones against the natural oranges of the copper material, to create intriguing pieces inspired by aquatic creatures. Similarly inspired by the sea, Philip Hearsey’s abstract sculptures work with patinated bronze to capture the fluid motions of waves and tides. Pairing his metalwork with wood and stone bases, Philip’s sculptures reimagine nature, with a contemporary twist. 

Teal colours are often found in Jennie Ing’s work, as the artist reimagines popular London landmarks with a colourful Pop Art feel. Greens and blues are paired with pink, orange, and yellow tones to create vibrant and uplifting artworks, perfect for contemporary homes. 

Capturing the sparkling seas around the Isles of Scilly and the neighbouring Cornish coasts, John Connolly’s seascapes offer calming blue tones for modern and traditional interiors alike. His sparkling waters under cloudless skies present a slice of serenity for every collection.