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Shen Ming Cun’s exquisite oil paintings preserve historic Chinese cultural practices, in a traditional Western style. His refined use of bold colours is complementary to modern tastes, and can accompany abstract pieces beautifully. Equally, this understated use of colour allows the artist’s skill to shine through, and perfectly suits his work to display amongst more traditional collections; alongside classical landscapes or floral Still Life paintings. Shen’s Fine Art oil paintings are unique, elegant, and truly captivating additions to any collection.

John Hammond paints traditional Impressionist style paintings, featuring London, Southern France, Venice, and the Mediterranean coast. His subtle use of colour has popularised his work in traditional collections, and they offer a gentle focal point in neutrally-coloured interiors. John’s expert handling of light and shadow makes for truly enchanting scenes which capture the essence of the warm Summer air in all of his British and European locations. 

Zoltan Preiner and Ronald Berger both paint traditional Dutch-style Still Life paintings. Zoltan’s attention to detail captures the dust settling on vintage wine bottles, and the glistening light on plump bunches of grapes. His neutral colour palette suits a range of interiors, and his paintings make fantastic additions to dining rooms and home bars. Ronald Berger’s small fruit paintings are modern masterpieces of Fine Art. His work offers a timeless traditional feel, inspired by the classic Still Life scene, popularised in the 16th and 17th centuries. These small artworks bring intrigue to the most petite of wall spaces, and can also be styled with several pieces together, for a more contemporary “gallery wall” design.