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Pink artworks offer a touch of femininity to home interiors. This uplifting colour features in many of our landscape scenes and floral paintings, offering a range of cheerful artworks to choose from. 

John Connolly’s sunrises and sunsets pair the colour pink with purple and blue tones. His paintings capture the beauty of nature, with a careful attention to light and colour. John’s artworks introduce a vibrancy to modern and traditional interiors alike, adding an uplifting charm to your home. 

With flowers and butterflies as her subjects, Tracey Thornton’s feminine artworks feature pastel pink, alongside soft yellow and blue tones. Her highly-collectable work offers a unique splash of colour, designed to brighten up any space. 

Jane Wachman works with neon pink to create highly impactful artworks. Her abstract style is modern and beautifully decorative, and makes for a series of truly captivating artworks. Jane’s work is based on her global travels, and captures an energy and dynamism in every painting.