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Many of our artists feature figures in their work, expertly rendering the human form in their paintings and sculptures. 

Shen Ming Cun creates exquisite oil paintings featuring women in beautiful traditional Chinese cultural dress. His attention to detail is unmatched, with immense precision afforded to every colourful bead, tassel, and jewel in his paintings. Each of Shen’s subjects has a unique personality, which is expertly conveyed through the artist’s skill in his craft. 

Taking a more abstract approach, Penny Warden paints with a distinctive palette of red, white, and black, to create her abstract figures of ballerinas and modern dancers. Penny’s dynamic style captures the elegance of ballerinas, through her intuitive placement of abstract brushstrokes. Her bold style makes for fantastic statement artworks, designed to make an impact in any modern home. 

Malcolm West sculpts figures of ballerinas and partnered dancers, in bronze and bronze resin. These elegant and romantic works of art capture the grace and power in the body, whilst engaged in dance. Malcolm’s timeless style suits modern and traditional tastes alike, making for a tasteful addition to any collection.