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No Naked walls is proud to offer a wide range of landscape paintings from John Connolly, who works in acrylics to capture the vibrancy of the natural world. Taking inspiration from his local landscapes in the North West of England, down to Surrey hills neighbouring the gallery, John takes a range of locations in his stride. John’s colourful and uplifting paintings cover the beauty in every season. His work includes bluebell woodlands in the Spring, floral Summertime meadows, leafy Autumnal forests, and the cosy scenes of footsteps in the snow, on a Winter’s day. 

Other artists take a more abstract approach to landscapes, instead capturing the essence of a place through a series of mark-makings and expressive brushstrokes. Sharon Withers works with multiple layers of oil paint, gradually built up through flicks and splatters of paint, to create dynamic, modern paintings, inspired by locations around the world. Celia Wilkinson similarly paints in a contemporary style, working with flat planes of bright colour to create vibrant hilltop and forest scenes.