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Drawing inspiration from scenes all around the British coast, No Naked Walls artists capture the beauty of the sea in their artworks. 

Howard Birchmore paints uplifting blue seascapes, capturing the rolling waves on the coasts of Cornwall and the Isle of Wight. His highly-detailed style is truly captivating and makes an inviting addition to any home interior. Howard approaches a popular subject with a refined colour palette, making for a collection that is at once traditional and contemporary. 

When it comes to sea paintings, Frances Jordan offers a very unusual perspective. The artist explores the way light appears from beneath the surface of the water, offering a unique take on the popular seascape subject. These bold paintings take on a modern abstract style that makes a perfect focal point for modern home interiors. 

Paul Fearn takes aquatic creatures as his subjects, to offer unique artworks that are inspired by the inhabitants of the sea. Working with teal patinas on copper sheets, Paul’s work offers a subtle pop of colour, through his pairings of the orangey metal with turquoise details. His works often feature the entrancing patterns of shoals of fish, or the dynamic movements of jellyfish and koi carp. These pieces are collectable and versatile, with options to display them individually or style multiple works together for a more curated feel.