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Many of our artists capture the essence of the human form in their work. Combining this with elements of abstraction, colour, and surrounding landscape scenes, they create beautiful figurative paintings, in a number of unique styles. 

John Haskins paints traditional scenes, capturing the joys of slow-paced living in the countryside. Families walk down snow-covered pathways, and children play on sandy beaches in John’s charming, idyllic scenes. 

Taking a more contemporary approach, Juan Aliaga creates playful modern artworks, with bright pops of colour. Juan’s mixed-media artworks feature intriguing patterns, fabricated from carefully-placed figures, which are individually hand-made by the artist. Many of Juan’s works are on simple white canvases, whilst others feature a beach background, with his unique figures at play on the sand. 

Julie Cross fuses abstract landscape paintings, with beautiful portraiture and figurative elements, to create her unique body of work. Framed in contemporary grey and black frames, Julie’s figurative paintings put a quirky spin on the traditional portrait painting, making a perfect addition to modern homes.