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John Connolly creates bright and bold landscape and seascape paintings, inspired by locations across the country. From his bluebell woodlands, to sunset beaches, John’s sceneries are bursting with colour, and are complementary to modern and traditional tastes, alike. 

Taking a more contemporary approach, Celia Wilkinson creates large-scale abstract landscapes, fracturing the scenery into colourful fragments. Introducing vibrant pops of orange, pink, and blue, Celia reimagines the natural world with a modern twist, inspired by local Isle of Wight landscapes, to scenes as far-afield as Australia! 

Tracey Thornton mixed-media paintings exude colour, making them the perfect way to brighten up any interior. Her colourful flowers and butterflies are collaged and painted using pastel pinks, vibrant yellows, and summery blue tones, to create truly cheerful and uplifting artworks