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Working in acrylic paints allows our artists to quickly build layers and depth in their paintings. John Hammond is regarded as one of Britain’s finest acrylic painters, capturing scenes across the country and much of Europe in his distinctive Impressionist style. 

Local artist Grace Ellen captures the beauty of the Surrey Hills landscapes, as well as a range of sparkling Cornish seascapes, using acrylic paints on canvas. Also capturing the essence of the countryside, John Haskins’ quaint figurative scenes offer a slice of rural living in every painting. 

Combining acrylic paint with collage materials, Tracey Thornton creates bright mixed media paintings, featuring flowers and butterflies in uplifting springtime scenes. Also working with bold colour, John Connolly offers a large collection of framed and unframed works in acrylic, depicting landscapes, seascapes, and woodlands across the country in his signature vibrant style.