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No Naked Walls offers dozens of artworks, painted in a red colour palette. These bright and bold artworks lend a dynamic energy to home interiors and make for fantastic focal points in any space. 

Penny Warden paints dancers and horses with a simple colour palette of red, white, and black. Her signature style lends a vibrancy to home interiors, whilst her intuitive pairing with supplementary colours ensures a refined and stylish work of art. A dynamism is present in both Penny’s figurative and equine pieces, attributable to expressive abstract brushstrokes and engaged painting process. 

For those seeking a softer splash of colour, we offer many poppy field paintings, which add subtle pops of red amidst beautiful green meadows. Sharon Withers, Chris Bourne, and Gerhard Nesvadba all approach this traditional subject with a creative modern twist. These artworks present a subtle way to introduce some vibrancy to your home, with truly beautiful works of art.