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Many of our artists work in trendy contemporary styles, featuring bold colour, abstract forms, and the use of creative patterns and textures. 

Richard Knight paints modern cityscapes, in a stylish, abstract style. His colourful paintings and limited edition prints on aluminium capture the buzz of London and New York, encased in sleek white frames. 

Framed in a similar style, Emma Forrester also works in a popular contemporary style. Emma’s modern take on the traditional Still Life painting sees her play with perspective and colour to reimagine patterned vases, filled with flowers, in a bright modern style. 

Also working with bold colour, Penny Warden paints with a distinctive palette of red, white, and black, for her figurative and equine paintings. Penny’s dynamic style captures the graceful energy of ballerinas, and elegant power of wild horses, with an intuitive placement of abstract brushstrokes. Her modern style makes for a fantastic body of statement artworks, designed to make an impact in any interior space.