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No Naked Walls offers a range of original paintings, inspired by rivers across Britain and the Mediterranean. 

Richard Thorn works in watercolour and ink to paint scenes across Devon and Cornwall. The River Dart in Devon often appears in Richard’s work, and the artist captures the serenity of the water running through leafy green woodlands. His intricate paintings present a fantastic attention to detail, and are mounted in neutral wooden frames, allowing his work to fit seamlessly into traditional and contemporary interiors alike. 

Grace Ellen paints a variety of riverside scenes, many inspired by the local landscapes of Surrey and West Sussex. Grace’s familiar locations, capturing the beauty of the River Mole and River Wey, are popular amongst collectors across the country. Working in acrylics, Grace intuitively handles shadow and colour to emulate the sparkling light along these favourite woodland streams. From small framed pieces, to large-scale canvases, Grace provides a river painting to suit every wall space. 

Many of our artists take the iconic River Thames as their subject, including John Hammond who paints in a traditional Impressionist style. Also painting a variety of Venetian canal scenes, John’s work presents an exquisite handling of light and colour, capturing the shimmer and sparkle on the water in every scene. Taking a more contemporary approach to the London waterway, Jennie Ing and Richard Knight capture the architecture along the river in a modern and trendy style. Their colourful Pop Art styles reimagine the city with an added vibrancy, designed to uplift any interior space.