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Paintings that prominently feature the colour brown present a fantastic way to introduce art into your home, with a subtle and understated colour palette. 

John Hammond’s Impressionist paintings capture the beauty in architecture throughout Europe. From the sandstone buildings in London, and red brick streets of Venice, John handles light and colour with an expert attention to detail, making for charming, enticing cityscapes. 

Paul Fearn’s works on sheet metal pair copper tones with subtle pops of colour, to create intriguing patterned wall art, inspired by the natural world. Paul’s use of brown as a main colour allows his work to make a subtle statement, and spark interest within interiors, without extreme colour. 

Similarly, Carol Grant works with a restricted, minimalist colour palette to create enchanting land and seascapes, using subtle brown and grey tones. Her work is particularly suited to modern home interiors, either to complement similarly neutral styles, or to contrast against a bold feature wall.