Ronald Berger

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Traditional Still Life Paintings

Why add a Ronald Berger to your collection? 

Ronald’s paintings are highly versatile artworks that lend themselves to display amongst a wealth of existing collections and interior designs. His Still Life works offer varied styling options as either wall-mounted paintings or as free-standing art objects. The beautiful subject matter is perfectly suited to traditional tastes, yet are wholly timeless, and present a tasteful elegance for even the most contemporary of interiors. Ronald’s Dutch-inspired artworks belong to a rich visual history of Still Life painting, and are an opportunity to own art that is not only utterly captivating, but also present a meaningful nod to the long line of artists from which the style has descended. 

About Ronald’s Work

Ronald’s paintings are small yet impactful, as the artist achieves great detail on panels often just 15cm in width! His signature timeless black frames complete his works of art, bringing the total artwork size closer to 30cm wide. Ronald paints Still Life scenes, often featuring various fruits, including apples, damson berries, and grapes, alongside examples of fine glass and crockery. His exceptional attention to light and shadow invites his viewers further into the painting, as they command attention in any space. Ronald presents his subjects against simple black backgrounds, further illuminating his superb technical skill. 

Working with oil paint on panel to build immense detail, Ronald follows in the footsteps of a rich history of artists before him. Having extensively studied artists of the Italian Renaissance and the Dutch masters, Ronald’s work draws upon only the most beautiful traditions of art, making for a truly timeless body of work. 

Styling Ideas
Customer Berger photo
Customer Berger photo

Ronald’s signature black frames offer a generous depth, allowing the paintings to be displayed as free-standing objects on shelves and side tables, as well as traditionally on a wall. His uniformity of size and scale lends his works to clustered displays of multiple pieces. These timeless Still Life works can effortlessly pair together to create an understated diptych display, or can be styled amongst existing collections to bring a touch of class to gallery wall designs.  

About The Artist

Ronald was born into a family of creatives in Salzburg, in 1943. From theatre to painting, his relatives practised in all fields of the Arts, and Ronald followed suit by pursuing a career in Fine Art. Ronald studied painting full-time, after the completion of his academic degree. Around the same time, he also began to travel widely throughout Europe, nurturing his artistic understanding through visits to all of the cultural centres.