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Richard Knight

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Colourful Modern Cityscapes

Why add a Richard Knight to your collection?

Richard’s paintings and limited edition aluminium prints can be found in private collections in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. His unique style reworks familiar cultural motifs into abstracted colourful designs, that command attention in any space. Richard’s architecture-forward landscapes offer a series of masculine yet truly beautiful scenes, that are perfect for anyone seeking to add a powerful statement piece to their collection.

About Richard’s Work 

Richard works with prints and paintings, to capture an essence of the world around him through an intuitive approach to abstraction. The artist approaches his subjects objectively, viewing urban environments with the eyes of a tourist. He looks at buildings, people, vehicles, and objects through an observational gaze, before painting the scene with feeling and description. From Battersea Power Station to Spitfire Aeroplanes, Richard works with an intuitive pairing of abstracted and detailed features, to capture his colourful familiar scenes. This style may best be described as ‘Classic Modernist’, referring to this combining of observational mark-making with layers of abstract texture and colour. 

The industrial themes that have popularised Richard’s work cross into his artistic processes too. His prints are achieved through a process of glicée transfer onto aluminium sheets, reflective particularly of his renderings of metallic aircrafts. Richard’s original pieces use acrylic on canvas to build texture, and the artist works in an impressionistic style to visually interpret his architectural and aircraft-themed subjects. Richard makes several drawings and paintings of his subjects, and evolves each one in a different way. Once his subject matter is established on the canvas, Richard works with the concerted randomness of his mark-making and overpainting on the surface of the painting, to create a figurative yet abstract interpretation of the familiar.

Styling Ideas
Richard Knight customer photo
Richard Knight customer photo

Richard’s colourful cityscapes are highly versatile, and can be styled to appeal to a range of existing interior designs. His works can be displayed to complement colourful interiors, or to introduce a vibrant focal point to more neutral home designs. Richard’s works command attention in any space, and many collectors have styled them as statement pieces, including as part of contemporary feature walls, and above traditional fireplaces, to introduce a modern flair into their homes. 

About The Artist

Richard studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Kingston University, before working as an illustrator and graphic designer. After thirty years in this industry, Richard decided to become a full time artist and developed his unique graphic-inspired style. Richard has since exhibited internationally with a number of galleries and art fairs, and his artworks are held in private collections around the world.