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Moira Hazel

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Why add Moira Hazel to your collection?

If you love colour then Moira’s uplifting canvases will be the perfect addition to your home. Her vibrant and uplifting naive, abstract paintings nod to the fauvists. They are the perfect way to introduce some cheerful colour to interior spaces. Moira’s unique style reimagines scenes through a kaleidoscopic design, making for a beautiful addition to any collection.

About Moira’s Work

Colour, colour, colour runs through her DNA. One of the first light bulb moments was looking at biological slides under a microscope at school and being blown away by the colours and patterns. Imagination and letting the painting lead itself have been the MO for the last 15 years or so. Various artists including The Fauves, Blue Reiter, Matisse, Hundertwasser, Klimt have been some guiding lights on her artistic journey. Landscape, plants, rock patterns, the sea, patterns from a piece of material, buildings, reflections, ideas come from everywhere. In no way does she want to reproduce reality, ideas have to flow and need room to breathe and to expand. Painting makes her happy and hopefully this pure joy emanates from her work.

Styling Ideas

Moira’s paintings are vibrant and playful. They bring a welcome splash of colour to modern and traditional interiors alike. The often medium-sized canvases allow them to effortlessly make a statement without compromising on space. Whether the intended interior is decorated in similarly vibrant tones to Moira’s work, or styled to contrast against a more neutral design. The bold use of colour and texture on the canvases build intrigue & warmth within any room.

About The Artist

Moira has lived in a few different countries and counties over the years and has drawn inspiration from all these places. Trained at Dartington, Moira taught for many years, brought up a family and then decided to paint full time, her best decision ever. Moira’s family now live in Australia and she has made many visits. The sunshine, light and colour intensity are certainly reflected in her work.

‘The Fremantle shipping containers look stunning in the brilliant sunshine with deep blue skies and the colour contrasts and shadows, shapes and spaces.’

Moira has exhibited in galleries in the UK, and in Australia. Five of Moira’s paintings are in the Addenbrookes Hospital Collection