Leonard Dobson

Leonard Dobson

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Colourful Modern Landscapes and Beachscapes

Why add a Leonard Dobson to your collection?

Leonard’s body of work covers a variety of styles, drawing from a number of Art Historical and worldly influences. This familiarity has drawn great attention to his work, with each piece offering the artist’s unique spin on the style, paired with his signature vibrant use of colour. Leonard’s landscape and cityscapes are perfect for introducing a fun pop of colour to any space in need of some enlivening. 

About Leonard’s Work 

Leonard’s cheerful paintings are typically medium-sized works, perfect for making a focal point on smaller expanses of wall. His works often feature figures in landscapes. From the frosty cityscapes of Northern England, to the sandy beaches of Pacific Islands, Leonard’s signature use of vibrant colour and enticing texture draws the eye further into the image. Leonard seeks to capture the defining characteristics of the experiences of a scene. The romantic memory of gondolas on a Venetian canal, the warm heat of a bustling Polynesian beach, and the buzzing sense of community amongst Northern coal miners have all graced the artist’s canvases. Sometimes he works spontaneously to capture the scene through building colour and shape in a number of swift brushstrokes. On other occasions, the artist feels that a more observational process is required, and will develop the scene until he is satisfied with the result. Leonard’s process is an initiative relationship between artist and artwork, making for a carefully considered body of work. 

Leonard’s style draws from an abundance of sources, making for an exciting, eclectic body of work. His creative processes are greatly influenced by music, and the artist has suggested that the styles of his work vary depending on what he is listening to. He has cited Enya’s music as reaping high energy and spontaneous paintings, whilst softer styles emerge from a soundtrack of harmonious love songs. In any case, the use of defining lines and bold colour are key features throughout Leonard’s work. Leonard’s paintings are linked to a rich visual history of art too. From Polynesian beaches influenced by Gauguin, to the Northern Cityscapes inspired by Lowry, his work is constantly engaging with the lineage within which his work is located. Northern Art, in particular, holds a personal connection to the artist. His mother lived in Stockport, Cheshire, which brewed an interest in the struggle that gave ‘Northern Folk’ their identity. Reinforcing his versatility, Leonard works with both oil and acrylic paints to achieve the perfect textural effects for each artwork.  

Styling Ideas

Leonard’s paintings are vibrant yet timeless, and bring a welcome splash of colour to modern and traditional interiors alike. His medium-sized canvases allow them to effortlessly make a statement without compromising on space. Whether the intended interior is decorated in similarly colourful tones to Leonard’s work, or styled to contrast against a more neutral design, his bold colour and textured canvases build intrigue within any room. Leonard has also fulfilled commissions for corporate clients, with his skilled versatility as an artist shining through once again.


About The Artist

Leonard was born in Camberley, Surrey and now lives and works in Fleet, Hampshire. He trained as a poster designer at Guildford School of Art between 1957 and 1962, and received his National Diploma in Design with Distinction in 1962. He then went on to gain the affix of MSIAD (Member of the Industrial Artists and Designer) in 1975, before being awarded the highest professional qualification in graphic design – A Life Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Designers (FCSD) in 1990. After pursuing many successful years in career in Graphic Design, Leonard turned to a profession in fine art. He has since had many fruitful years of gallery representation, and his work is treasured amongst collectors.