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Kasia Clarke

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Large-Scale Original Abstract Paintings

Why add a Kasia Clarke to your collection?

Kasia’s large-scale abstract paintings are utterly transformative, and create intrigue within any space to which they are introduced. Her intuitive application of bold colour draws the eye further into these enchanting landscapes, which are soulful conceptions of the artist’s imagination. Earth meets abstraction in Kasia’s work, and the artist masterfully constructs her scenes to create pieces that are not only wholly beautiful, but are highly evocative too. Her conscientious application of bold colour firmly establishes her paintings as statement pieces, whilst her tasteful pairing with more neutral tones ensures that each painting is elegant, charming, and a truly timeless addition to any collection. 

About Kasia’s Work 

With a striking palette of whites, reds, and greens, Kasia’s abstract style represents emotional “places”, loosely based upon landscapes, but not directly representative of the visible world. Her paintings are frequently large, often exceeding a meter in width and height, offering pieces that simply command attention in any interior. Her style is exceptionally abstract, making for an enticingly decorative work of art. Kasia invites viewers to find their own interpretations within her immersive artworks. The depth created by intuitively applied layers creates an enchanting depth within her “places”, encouraging the viewer to travel deeper into the painting. 

Kasia returns to the idea and essence of landscapes, although these places emerge from her imagination rather than physical locations. Depth, horizon lines, and undulating forms all create the impression of space, within these immersive paintings. Kasia’s process is highly intuitive, and her paintings evolve through layers of instinctual experimentation. Her fluid style and process is reflective of her training under abstract artist David M. Kessler, whilst her geometric edge was visibly nurtured by her tuition from Nicholas Wilton in his groundbreaking Creative Visionary Program. All the same, Kasia’s wholly unique body of work is far from derivative, and is truly a product of her soul. 

Styling Ideas

Kasia’s large-scale works are masterfully nurtured to make a statement in even the grandest of interiors. Her abstract style is particularly suited to modern interiors and contemporary art collections, although her carefully considered colour palette retains an element of tradition that will equally suit more neutral home designs. Kasia’s work is completely transformative, and many of her collectors have introduced her work to minimalist, white and grey interiors, allowing the rich tonality of her work to truly steal the limelight. Her paintings present beautiful, cohesive designs from afar, whilst offering a unique viewing experience at close quarters. Each carefully considered element offers its own unique story to the viewer, creating a multifaceted viewing experience from various perspectives. 

About The Artist

Kasia Clarke is a local artist living and working near Reigate, Surrey. Having changed direction from glass art to painting, Kasia’s artistic career has been dynamic and evolutionary much like her art, itself. She has exhibited at galleries and art fairs across the country, and has undertaken numerous commissions with great success.