Juan Aliaga

Juan Aliaga

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Unique Colourful Figurative Paintings

Why add a Juan Aliaga to your collection?

From his use of materials through to the visual qualities of his unique works, Juan Aliaga’s paintings are wholly original works of art. His quirky and colourful paintings bring a joyful vibrancy to their surroundings, and create an intriguing focal point in any space. Juan’s work is the perfect addition for any collector seeking a truly uplifting statement artwork to add to their collection.

About Juan’s Work 

Juan’s work varies from bold and vibrant figurative Pop Art work to more monochromatic and abstract pieces. His work has evolved over the years, and the artist has illustrated an expert ability to maintain his flair work across multiple styles. Aliaga’s colourful figurative pieces are perhaps his most well known works, and have proved to be popular amongst collectors. These textured and vibrantly coloured canvases feature little handcrafted figures, typically depicted against a simple abstract background, or at play in landscapes. A deeper complexity lies beneath the surface of these eye-catching individuals, as they emerge from the canvas to offer themes of social symbolism and jovial youthfulness. Aliaga’s mid-sized works are often in the region of 50cm, and extend up to larger pieces that are a metre in width and height. 

The materials for Juan’s figures are prepared using a special formula that the artist keeps under wraps. Each individual is lovingly hand-crafted by the artist, before being secured to the canvas. The artist cleverly works with perspective, and plays into the innovative three-dimensionality of his figurines. He constructs a shadow beneath each person with a careful handling of graphite, tricking the eye into his illusion of depth within the canvas.

Styling Ideas
Juan Aliaga customer photo
Juan Aliaga customer photo

Juan’s work is fun, fresh, and modern, making it perfectly suited to contemporary interiors. His crisp white canvases are complementary to similarly minimalist home interiors, allowing the bold figures to introduce a delicate and playful pop of colour to the interior. Equally, the colour combinations work as a statement piece amidst eclectic and colourful home interiors, including as part of a bold coloured feature wall. They are feature pieces by design, and are guaranteed to draw attention and intrigue to any space. 

About The Artist

The son of the renowned artist Osvaldo Casabuena, Juan Aliaga has been immersed in the art world from a young age. He was born in 1964 in Southern Spain, and was educated extensively in the arts.