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John Haskins

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Traditional Figurative Landscape Paintings


Why add a John Haskins to your collection?

John has exhibited his work in numerous successful one-man shows throughout the UK, and internationally in locations such as Australia, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, and Paris. His charming traditional scenes capture picnics, seaside trips, and countryside walks with a meticulous attention to light and shadow that simply necessitates contemplative viewing. John’s impressionist scenes are the perfect addition for those seeking to add some serenity to their collection, with a gentle splash of cheerful colour. 

About John’s Work 
John Haskins commission
John Haskins commissioned painting in-situ

John’s figurative landscape scenes have gained popularity by capturing peaceful and joyful moments in natural or urban surroundings. After exhibiting in London over a period of years, he took up painting on a full-time basis, enabling him to combine his passion for travel with the opportunity to source artistic inspiration from around the world. His inspirations vary from a stroll down a tranquil country lane, feeling the warmth of a sun-drenched beach, to soaking up the atmosphere of a vibrant café, and in every case, the result is a charming and inviting scene. The artist often draws upon the inquisitiveness of children to build a narrative within his paintings, which lends a jovial playfulness to his scenes. 

John works with acrylic paint to achieve the careful balancing of light and shadow in his work, particularly in areas of reflections on water. His capturing of fleeting moments references the impressionists, and yields an equally timeless body of work.

Styling Ideas

John’s paintings are predominantly smaller works, in the region of 30cm to 60cm in size. These quaint nostalgic scenes make perfect accent pieces, and can be styled beneath wall lamps or above side tables, to create a charming focal point. John’s timeless impressionist style is perfectly suited to more traditional interiors, but can equally introduce an understated vitality to more modern interior designs. Many of John’s artworks are part of our Art Under £1000 Collection, making them the perfect affordable addition to your own collection or to gift to a loved one. 

About The Artist

Born in Bermondsey, London, John received an art school education before establishing an accomplished career as an illustrator. John pursued his love of painting during this period, and after exhibiting in London over a period of years, turned to painting on a full-time basis. Now, living in the Bedfordshire countryside, John is married with two daughters and three grandchildren, who frequently appear as subjects of his paintings. He has been a regular exhibitor in galleries and exhibitions in the UK and around the world, since the 1970s.