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Howard Birchmore

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Timeless Seascapes and Venice Waterfront Paintings


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Howard Birchmore painting in-situ

Howard’s seascapes and waterfront landscapes are simply stunning. His passion for the romance and drama of the Mediterranean filters through his idyllic Venice scenes, and treats his Cornish seascapes with the same romanticism. His paintings take pride of place in private collections throughout the world, and have been exhibited by the prestigious Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Guild of Aviation Artists. His works are also favoured by corporate clients, including London City Airport, The Henley Standard, Reading Borough Council, and Wycombe District Council, in addition to many local businesses.

About Howard’s Work 

Howard’s British seascapes and Italian canal paintings are predominantly medium to large works, with some pieces exceeding 1.5m in width. Italy, particularly Venice, inspires the intense contrasts of light and shade captured in his work. From the windows on traditional Venetian architecture, to the bubbling surf on a Cornish wave, his paintings are bursting with detail. Howard builds shadow and colour to achieve his dimensional landscape scenes, and makes wonderful use of light play and reflections on water. His use of colour, a subtle palette of soft blues and neutral tones, makes for elegant and understated artworks, focussed around the breathtaking effects of sparkling light on water. Howard’s romanticising style captures fleetings moments, recalling special points in time that stay with us our whole lives.

“When I paint I want the picture to strike a chord with the viewer. I want to evoke that initial feeling as you step out onto the beach, or a secluded bit of coastline, and feel the fresh breeze on your face, the sun on your skin and the sand under your feet. I want to paint pictures that give the viewer the same impact as that first view of a stunning vista such as the approach to the Grand Canal and the Salute in Venice.” 

There is a nostalgic familiarity to Howard’s work, found in the content and composition of his waterfront paintings. His works bring to mind the Ventian waterfront scenes by Canaletto, but with a distinct contemporary twist through the artist’s focus on the water itself, and the quality of light and reflection within his paintings. Howard works with acrylic on canvas to achieve the crisp colour definition in his work, which brings an added dimension of modernity to his timeless scenes.

Styling Ideas

Howard’s calming blue seascapes and hazy Mediterranean scenes are perfect for those looking to  introduce a statement piece with a tasteful pop of colour to their collection. His longer landscape pieces are tailored to wider expanses of wall, including over sofas and above fireplaces. Howard works with popular and cherished locations, including his romantic Venice scenes, and popular British holiday locations including Cornwall and the Isle of Wight. These pieces are a wonderful way to commemorate special trips, as Howard exquisitely captures the magic of these beautiful locations. His neutral colouring and timeless style complements existing collections effortlessly, whether sleek and modern, or classically traditional.

About The Artist 

Howard began drawing from an exceptionally young age, and by the age of fifteen he had completed his first commission. In 1990 he formed an independent design agency, before turning to concentrate on his career as a professional artist in 1997. Since then, he has produced fine art for both private collectors and corporate audiences. He has been selected for exhibition by the Royal Society of Marine Artists and by the Guild of Aviation Artists, and his work is found in collections all over the world.