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Hazel Barker

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Serene Contemporary Landscape Paintings

Why add a Hazel Barker to your collection?

Hazel has exhibited with galleries throughout the country, and her work has graced private collections in the UK, Europe, and the United States, including household names, like the presenter Michael Aspel OBE. Hazel’s European landscapes are personal to the artist, and evoke a shared sense of wanderlust for these beautiful sceneries. Her work is truly inviting to the eye, and creates an intimate connection between painting and viewer. The subtle colouring of Hazel’s work is complementary to a range of interiors, and introduces a tasteful pop of colour whilst remaining stylishly understated.

About Hazel’s Work
Hazel’s mid-sized landscape paintings are typically 40cm to 50cm when framed, making them the perfect piece to accent smaller wall spaces, without compromising on beautiful imagery. The artist travels extensively, and predominantly takes inspiration from the rural and coastal landscapes of Spain, Italy, and France. Hazel’s use of colour in her floral meadows and traditional architecture is colourful, yet subtle, and is reflective of the warm, hazy atmosphere of the Mediterranean. She is particularly drawn to the inviting patterns and colours of the Mediterranean landscape, which she captures through her painterly technique. There is a charming sense of nostalgia in Hazel’s landscapes, and an inviting wanderlust in the serenity of her scenes.

Hazel paints from life, to capture the energy and atmosphere of her relaxing scenes. In some instances she prepares sketches in pencil or watercolour to use for future reference, when returning to her studio. On other occasions, the artist paints “en plein air”, and works directly onto her canvases with oil paint. These canvases are later completed in her studio, affording her the opportunity to emphasise the abstract patterns in her paintings.

Styling Ideas
Hazel’s work approaches timeless traditional imagery with an abstracted flair. The results are beautiful, inviting landscape scenes that cater to both modern and traditional tastes. The modest size of her paintings makes them perfectly suited to smaller wall spaces. Collectors have styled Hazel’s work under wall lamps, and above accent tables to spotlight her paintings, and allow her delightful imagery to steal the show.

About The Artist
Hazel was born in London and brought up in the countryside in the South East of England. Her artistic aptitude was evident from a young age, and was nurtured by family and teachers alike. She completed a Foundation Course at Guildford School of Art, before receiving her degree in Fine Art at Reigate School of Art. She has since exhibited her paintings in galleries throughout the country, and many have landed in the homes of collectors.