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Frances Jordan

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Dynamic Abstracted Land and Seascapes

Why add a Frances Jordan to your collection?

Frances’ works are standout pieces, designed to inject energy; both calming and active, into the homes of her collectors. Her paintings are inspired by the natural world, and rework familiar motifs into abstracted and emotion-forward scenes. Frances has an aptitude for handling colour, and intuitively constructs scenes in a manner that establishes a relationship between artwork and viewer, which has popularised her work amongst collectors. 

About Frances’ Work 

Frances’ work is inspired by the natural world, and the artist draws inspiration from the forces of nature. She paints beautiful, dynamic seascapes which capture the movement of the waves as the surf reaches the shores. An abstraction has also thrived throughout her work, including a recent series which takes the elements; earth, fire, water, and air as her subjects. She is renowned for her strong understanding of colour within the clashing fiery tones of her raging volcanoes, to the harmonious tranquillity of her Scottish Lochs. These pieces, which capture a range of emotions, transform volcanic and oceanic imagery into colourful and evocative paintings. From anger, love, and passion, to serenity and calm, Frances masterfully establishes an emotive dynamism within every piece, which appeals to a range of collectors. 

Working in oils and mixed media, Frances builds layers in her work, whilst using a limited colour palette within each piece. Her subtle understanding of tone and texture allows her to create strong, powerful images that depict nature at its most sublime. Her smallest works are just 30cm across, whilst her largest pieces register around 1m in width. In every case, her fluid and often abstract subject matter gives her the freedom to explore through her materials, and allows her to connect with her audience by evoking memory and emotion in her work. 

Styling Ideas
Frances Jordan customer photo
Frances Jordan customer photo

The range of sizes that Frances works with offers a piece for every space. Her meter-wide paintings make a fantastic focal point for any room, traditional or contemporary in design. They can be classically styled over mantelpieces to bring a modern flair to traditional interiors, or on colourful contemporary feature walls to complement the bold tones in Frances’ work. Her smaller works position fantastically over accent tables, and can bring a dash of dynamism to even the smallest of wall spaces, for a pop of colour in every space. 

About The Artist

Frances studied for her BA in Fine Art at Central St Martins London, nurturing a life-long passion for painting and drawing. Her art has been featured in an edition of Vogue magazine, and is widely exhibited in galleries around the UK. She frequently undertakes commissions and her work can be found in private and commercial collections across the country.