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Claire Woolhead

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Abstract Metallic Paintings

Why add a Claire Woolhead to your collection?

Claire Woolhead’s metallic artworks are unique and uplifting additions to home interiors.

About Claire Woolhead’s Work

Working at a large scale, Claire’s paintings are designed to make an impact in even the most vast spaces in your home. Her abstracted style is wholly contemporary, suiting her work especially to modern interiors. Whilst abstract in style, Claire cites many influences underpinning her creative process. Science, psychology, the natural world, and the philosophical meaning of life all fascinate Claire, as she endeavours to capture the incredible, complicated beauty found across the universe. Sometimes a seascape, sometimes a galaxy – Claire’s lucid forms are open to interpretation by her collectors, who are invited to relate their own experiences to her paintings.

Using her experience and knowledge gained as the owner of 72 Customs – a classic car restoration and vehicle paintwork company, Claire works with a unique process of automotive paints on thin sheet metal to achieve her colourful, abstract artworks. Her unconventional art medium allows her to create metallic and pearlescent finishes to her work, which cannot be achieved to such a dazzling effect with traditional oil or acrylic paints.

Styling Ideas

Claire’s abstract, pattern-like style is complementary to a range of interior designs. Working across a rainbow of colours, her collection offers a piece to suit every home – whether soft pastels or vibrant tones are preferred. The colour, depth and detailed intricacy of Claire’s is particularly apparent in bright conditions, allowing her work to truly shine under natural sunlight, as well as artificial interior lighting. Additionally, her paints are UV resistant – allowing for placement even in direct sunlight.

About The Artist

Claire is a self-taught Bedfordshire-based artist, with a background in the automotive industry. Her artistic style and techniques stem from her experience in this sector, having mastered her handling of automotive paints whilst restoring and delivering custom vehicle paintwork. Claire aspires to bring joy to her collectors, and positively impact the world through her practice. For her, art is a wonderful form of escapism, and the artist wishes to share this feeling of release with her audience.