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Why add an Anne-Marie Ellis to your collection?

Anne-Marie’s art has become increasingly collectible in the few years she has been painting full-time, since switching her career from fashion. Her reputation for fashion focused artworks is emerging, and with it a growth of style conscious and discerning collectors.

About Anne-Marie’s work

Anne-Marie spent 20+ years as fashion designer with her own consultancy business, designing womenswear and printed accessories for various luxury brands.  She now draws from these design principles and aesthetic taste to create her contemporary still life and stylish art.   The graphic style and spatial awareness in her own work are influenced by her reverence for the great fashion illustrators, and her use of dramatic dark backgrounds and chiaroscuro by the famous fashion photographers as well as the Dutch masters.  Anne-Marie is fascinated with the psychology of colour and the fact that colour alone can denote a brand (eg. Tiffany blue), greatly admiring the skilled craftmanship that goes into ensuring the enduring appeal of a Heritage design brand.  She creates much artwork that celebrates or uses the designer packaging that she has collected over her years in fashion.

Anne-Marie prefers to use acrylic paint on canvas to recreate the sharpness she requires for the fine details of a logo or the crisp reflections of glass in a pefume bottle or a cocktail glass.  Her works range from painting so small (on a luxury box lid) that she has to use tiny brushes and a magnifying glass, to larger scale acrylic paintings exceeding over 1 metre in height.  Whatever the canvas size, a sartorial vision presides.

Styling Ideas

Anne Marie insitu

As much of Anne-Marie’s acrylic paintings are of perfume bottles, they are particularly suitable for bathrooms and boudoirs! Acrylic paint is lightfast and durable, and when varnished, water-resistant, so can be hung safely in a cloakroom or closet out of direct steam sources.

Equally her wonderful cocktail paintings and collages make a fantastic statement in a kitchen or dining room, being suitable for those practical reasons, as well as being the focal point of style in the room that hosts your social gatherings.  Hanging one of Anne-Marie’s champagne bottle or gin glass paintings in your bar area invites comment and congeniality and really gets the party started!

About the artist

After a foundation in visual Art from UCA Farnham,  Anne-Marie did a degree in fashion and print design at Ravensbourne University London.  After exhibiting for the first time with the prestigious Society of Women artists at the Mall Galleries London in 2017,  Anne-Marie closed her consultancy and gradually transitioned her career into becoming a professional artist.  She has now exhibited in London with the SWA for several years and was awarded a medal of excellence from the UK Parliamentary Society of Arts.