Landscape Painting in Acrylics with John Connolly – 22nd August 2021



No Naked Walls are very excited to announce a very special painting workshop with John Connolly, coinciding with an exhibition of his paintings in our Bramley gallery.

Many of you will be familiar with John’s gorgeous landscape paintings in acrylics, which have been the inspiration for many of our workshop paintings in the past. John is a very experienced teacher and has taught many people his special style of painting.

John says;
“Students will explore the use of Mixed media and Acrylic paints on canvas. We will be working fairly loosely flicking and pouring paint to get interesting effects.”

The day will run between 10.30am – 4.00pm, and you will finish the session with a completed painting. You may like to bring a few favourite brushes and a palette knives to this workshop, but all materials will be included in the £95 cost. We kindly as that you bring lunch with you (or you can pop out to the local café or shop if you prefer), and tea, coffee, and cake will be provided throughout the session.


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