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From snowy Winter scenes, to the vibrant colours of Autumn and Spring, No Naked Walls offers a range of woodland paintings, capturing the beauty in every season. 

Working with a palette of orange, gold, and red tones, John Connolly’s Autumn forest scenes are truly beautiful and atmospheric. He creates depth amongst the trees and leafy pathways, making for enchantingly inviting works of art. In his springtime bluebell woodland scenes, John’s use of lilacs and blues offers a fresh and uplifting feel for home interiors. These timeless scenes are complementary to modern and traditional interiors alike, offering a reinvigorating pop of contemporary colour. 

Working in a more contemporary style, Sharon Withers paints woodland scenes with a dynamic, abstract approach. Many of her colourful forest scenes are inspired by local Hampshire landscapes, which offer violet bluebells in the Spring, and fiery orange tones in the Autumn. Her large-scale landscape paintings are statement pieces, making the perfect focal point for any space.