Zoltan Preiner

Zoltan Preiner

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Exquisite Traditional Still Life Painting

Why add a Zoltan Preiner to your collection?

Zoltan Preiner presents an exquisite approach to the longstanding tradition of Still Life painting. His handling of light and colour is unparalleled by many of his contemporaries, and illustrates the beauty that comes with an unwavering attention to detail. His work has been displayed in locations across Europe, and has gained much attention in the process. His work presents an outstanding opportunity for every collector to add a piece of Fine Art at its very finest to their collection.

About Zoltan’s Work

Still Life scenes, including wines, cheeses, and various fruits are taken as themes by Zoltan. His works are small to medium, typically around 50cm in height. Within this modest panel size, the artist achieves an extraordinary level of detail, from the glistening of light on a wine glass, to the curl of a grape vine leaf. The artist creates a sense of luxury within both his opulent subject matter, and his meticulous execution of the scene. With a delicate hand, Zoltan masterfully achieves a trompe-l’œil effect, creating an illusion of space and depth within his Still Life scenes. His approach to composition and colour remains authentic to tradition, with subtle tones tastefully interrupted by the deep burgundies of a red wine, or the glistening emerald of the bottle from which it was poured.

The artist works with the traditional medium of oil paint to achieve his opulent style, which is complementary to the fine wines that he depicts. His realist oil paintings are created with a precision that invites the eye to look closer at the richness of detail. Zoltan’s influences stem from 17th-century Baroque aesthetics, and the subjects of the Dutch Golden Age. His engagement with Still Life is a continuity of a century-old practice, which the artist continues with great skill and sensitivity. His paintings possess the typical Baroque characteristic of rendering the subject matter in luminous, theatrical lighting, and a timelessness that keeps it popular amongst collectors today.

Styling Ideas

Zoltan’s work is unmistakably traditional in style, making it suited to similarly styled collections. The neutrality of colour in his work lends itself to pairing with a range of existing collections, from landscapes, to portraits, and floral Still Life scenes. The masterful skill in Zoltan’s work can equally be appreciated in more modern interiors, and contrast fantastically against contemporary dark blue and black walls for an exciting juxtaposition. The artist’s trompe-l’œil effect is best enjoyed at eye-level, and his attention to detail can be most appreciated at a close engagement. Whilst smaller in size, his paintings demand attention, and can be effortlessly styled as a focal point in areas of smaller wall space.

About The Artist

Zoltan Preiner was born in 1955 in Budapest, Hungary, where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. During his studies, he was highly influenced by the intensity and immediacy of the Baroque period, in particular Preiner felt akin to its detail and precision, a style that came naturally to him. His teachers encouraged him to use this outstanding talent and he began to forge his own style, painting wonderful still life paintings. He developed a technique of painting with detail and a convincing rendering of life depicting the subject matters in an extraordinary way. His work is very detailed and has a great luminous power.