Tracey Thornton

Tracey Thornton

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Colourful Floral Butterfly Paintings

Why add a Tracey Thornton to your collection? 

Tracey’s mixed-media paintings are colourful, uplifting, and highly collectable. Her distinctive style is epitomised in her latest ‘Butterfly Series’ which offers a vibrant and liberated aesthetic, that is enjoyed in collections throughout the UK and internationally. Her work is perfect for collectors seeking to add some joyful colour to their homes, with a fresh and floral flair. 

About Tracey’s Work 

Tracey launched her ‘Butterfly Series’ in 2016, a mixed-media body of work that plays with soft pastel colours to conjure notions of the Spring and Summer months. Her works are united through a feminine colour palette, with subtle blue, pink, purple, and yellow tones, whilst varying in size from as small as 20cm, to as large as over 1m in width. Tracey’s artworks beautifully tap into scenarios, emotions, and senses through an uplifting pairing of whimsical imagery and joyful colour. The natural environment provides a platform through which the viewer can reflect on this emotional body of work, allowing them to identify with each piece on multiple levels in their own way. The use and uniformity of butterflies throughout the series is representative of people, and our shared experiences in life. These 2D and 3D motifs also introduce a sense of movement to this distinctive collection, and harnesses the experiences of joy from everyday family life.

“It’s vital to find joy in everyday moments for a sustainably, happy life.” 

Tracey predominantly works with a process of acrylic painting and collage, to bring her vibrant, contemporary style into fruition. Her use of collage butterflies adds an extra dimensionality to her work, and a whimsical sense of bliss. This sense of elation is continually inspired by Tracey’s family, who motivate her to capture moments of sheer joy, that resonates amongst her many collectors. Messing about in a meadow, playing hide and seek in a bluebell woodland, and sharing a picnic in nature have all shaped Tracey’s work, and the result is a collection of paintings that evoke joy and happiness as Tracey intended. 

Styling Ideas
Tracey Thornton customer photo
Tracey Thornton customer photo

Whether complementing colourful modern interiors, or introducing some vibrancy to more neutral home designs, Tracey’s work offers a unique splash of colour to brighten up any space. Elements of abstraction in Tracey’s art bring a contemporary twist to the traditional landscape painting which has popularised her work in modern and traditional collections alike. The beautiful and collectable style of Tracey’s work has seen collectors style multiple pieces together, to create a harmonious feel to their space.

About The Artist 

Tracey Thornton was born and raised in Greater London, and now lives and works in Surrey. After launching her ‘Butterfly Series’ in 2016, her work was featured as the main promotional material for The New Artist Fair, Summer Exhibition in 2017. Subsequently, she has been featured in various magazines including Tatler as a recommended artist, and her work can be found in collections across the UK and overseas.