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Suzie Marsh

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Bronze Wildlife and Pet Sculptures

Why add a Suzie Marsh to your collection?

Suzie’s extensive range of animal sculptures are avidly sought by collectors of her work. Her sculptures are especially popular amongst pet owners and animals lovers. Suzie’s observational approach to her art allows her to capture the spirit of each animal, making for sculptures that have a real sense of personality and unique charm. Her timeless subjects are suited to traditional and contemporary interiors alike, and are perfect for every collector seeking to introduce some fun and playful sculpture to their collection.

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About Suzie’s Work 

Suzie’s work reflects her fascination with animal character and form. Her inspiration is taken from life whenever possible, and through constant observation of her own animals, including her cats Mischa and Phoebe. Suzie’s subjects are varied, ranging from the smallest of domestic animals to the greatest creatures that inhabit the wild. Squirrels, ducks, mice, and hares are amongst her British wildlife sculptures, whilst inspiration for her bears, elephants, and penguins are sourced from around the world. Suzie’s dogs and kittens are especially popular amongst pet-owners, with the artist being recognised as a leader in the portrayal of the domestic cat. 

Suzie sculpts her animals out of stoneware clays, and produces her finished pieces in bronze, pewter and resin. She works sparingly with glazes in order to maintain the detail and texture of the clay, which lends a tactile quality to her work. Her attention to detail helps to enliven her sculptures, as the artist masterfully renders a unique personality and charm within each animal.

Styling Ideas

Suzie’s handcrafted sculptures are suitable for display indoors and outside. The variety in sizing, from her popular palm-sized mice, to dogs over 50cm in height offers a piece to suit every space. Many are suited to traditional display, including on mantelpieces, and prominent shelves and side tables offering pride of place to her beautiful sculptures. A number of Suzie’s designs are expertly crafted for more unusual display, including to overhang ledges, making for an added realism and dimensionality within her work.

About The Artist

Suzie is a Cornwall based artist, with a loyal following both in the UK and abroad. She has studied at the art colleges of both Brighton and Exeter, obtaining her degree in Ceramic Sculpture in 1982. For several years Suzie worked as a designer for various Devon based companies during which time she gained an insight into the techniques of industrial production. She established her own workshop in 1986, and exhibits her sculptures with galleries throughout the UK.