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Sharon Withers

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Large-Scale Abstract Landscape Paintings

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Golden Glow in situ 2
Golden Glow in situ 2

Sharon creates large-scale abstract landscape paintings that are designed to energise a room. Her bold, dynamic paintings have brought an uplifting energy to the homes of her collectors, and many have commissioned bespoke artworks to be perfectly tailored to their spaces. Sharon’s paintings are inspired by visits to beautiful destinations near and far, and have graced private collections and corporate establishments throughout Europe and the USA. Her work intrigues and challenges perceptions of the natural world by design, making for excellent statement pieces in any interior. Sharon’s work is the perfect addition to any collection in need of some vibrancy, and offers a refreshing modern flair.

About Sharon’s Work 

Sharon is a Hampshire-based artist, who has enjoyed an artistic career spanning over 20 years, painting energetic landscapes, seascapes, and woodland scenes. She specialises in large-scale works, with many of her paintings exceeding dimensions of 1m x 1m. In addition to the extensive collection available from at No Naked Walls, Sharon regularly takes on bespoke commissions, to create the perfect piece for every client. The shapes and textures of Sharon’s work derive from her observations of the natural world and the associated symbolic meanings found in nature. Floral meadows are a prominent theme in Sharon’s work, and her expressive style lends to a sense of movement amongst the flowers. A variety of locations have informed Sharon’s abstract paintings, ranging from local leafy Hampshire and Surrey landscapes, to the sunny scenes of Costa Rica and Sri Lanka. A little closer to home, the coastlines of the Isle of Wight and Cornwall have inspired a plethora of beautiful blue seascapes in Sharon’s work, which capture the beauty of these popular seaside destinations. 

Sharon works in a dynamic and engaged painting process to achieve her large abstract landscapes. She works directly onto canvases placed on the floor, and has stated that both gravity and time influence her processes. Sharon works with oil paints to build up multiple layers, and achieve immense depth and movement in her paintings. Through her process of layering and building texture, remnants of past layers remain visible and leave an imprint of the event, which highlights the painting process in the completed piece. 

Styling Ideas

The bold impactful style of Sharon’s oil paintings have popularised them amongst many collectors. Her works can be found both in the homes of private collectors, as well as in the collections of corporate establishments. A Sharon Withers painting is the perfect addition for any collector seeking to introduce bold, colourful, and uplifting original artworks into their space. Sharon’s bright and dynamic contemporary style is complementary to modern home interiors, although her timeless subject matter has proven popular as a statement piece in even the most traditional home designs. 

About The Artist

Sharon is a Hampshire-based artist, with an artistic career spanning over 20 years. In 1999, she graduated from the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art, where her dynamic artistic style was nurtured by the renowned Young British Artist, Jenny Saville. In addition to many successful years as  an artist, Sharon has equally enjoyed a rewarding career as the owner of No Naked Walls. In 2011, she opened her first location in Chertsey, then another Bramley; where she continues to trade today.