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Philip Hearsey

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Abstract Bronze Patina Sculptures

Why add a Philip Hearsey to your collection?

Sculptor Philip Hearsey has a background in architecture, interiors, and furniture design, all of which have informed his fluid abstract sculptures. These pieces are intuitively designed to bring beauty and intrigue to every interior, with a statement teal patina colourway that is tastefully contemporary. He aims to create art that encourages an appreciation for the simple forms that underpin his exciting, and often tactile sculptures. His work is popular amongst collectors around the world, and can be found in corporate and private collections in the UK, Europe, Australia, USA, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Maldives. 

About Philip’s Work 

Philip is intrigued by patination, the process that creates the signature teal blue appearance of his sculptures. For the artist, the colouring is not just a surface coating, it is a wonderfully unpredictable process that is fundamental to the appearance of the artwork. A focus on movement and shape also defines Philip’s style. The artist views bronze as eternal yet malleable, which brings a certain transience to his solid designs. This idea of eternity is reflected in the artist’s repeated use of circular shapes, which maintain an unbroken and uninterrupted energy within their design. This energy equally stems from the artist’s pairing of oceanic blue colours with fluid wave-like designs, to create artworks that are harmonious with nature, through to the artist’s use of natural wood and stone bases. Philip’s designs are heavily influenced by the natural world, from landscapes of his local Herefordshire, to seas, skies, clouds, and objects and markings seen on walks.

Philip specialises in the ancient method of sandcasting, a relentless and unforgiving process that is far removed from the lost-wax process that is used by most art foundries. The sand-casting process denies a complexity of form, in favour of a beautiful simplicity that engages with the quality of bronze as a noble material in its own right. Philip cuts, carves, grinds, and welds the cast bronze to create unique forms, before exposing and oxidising the natural bronze to produce the unique surface finishes that complete the artist’s signature style.

Styling Ideas

Philip’s sculptures are intimate in scale and intended to bring a sleek, tasteful flair to home interiors and corporate settings. His sculptures are minimalist in style, making them perfectly suited to more contemporary interiors. The artist’s signature blue patina can be styled to introduce a bold pop of colour to neutral interior designs. Philip’s attention to detail creates artworks that are interesting and beautiful from every angle, and are perfect for styling as a focal point of a room. The artist’s use of oceanic wave-like shapes brings a freshness to any space, and pairs fantastically with existing collections of seascapes and other dynamic waterfront artworks.

About The Artist

Philip is a self-taught sculptor, with a background in architecture and interior design. He lives and works on the Welsh borders of Herefordshire, and draws inspiration from the slow-paced, remote and largely unaltered landscapes, as well as the dynamic energy of the coast where “everything changes twice a day with the rise and fall of every tide”. Philip’s sculptures are housed in collections worldwide, and he has exhibited globally with galleries and art fairs throughout his decade-spanning career.