Penny Warden

Penny Warden

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  • Ballerina in Red

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  • Ballerina in Red II

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  • Debonair

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  • Dynamic Ballerina

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  • Fire Cracker

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  • Gracious

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  • Hula

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  • Piano

    Original price was: £950.00.Current price is: £795.00.
  • Platinum

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  • Saxophone

  • Significance

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Abstract Figurative and Equine Paintings

Why add a Penny Warden to your collection?

Penny Warden is a British abstract artist, revered for her distinctive, expressive style. Her work is unmistakably defined by a radical approach to capturing movement, which she achieves through her calculated placement of bold and fluid brushstrokes. Her work has appeared in many high-profile public and private collections, across the UK and overseas. Penny’s artworks bring an exciting dynamism to every space they are displayed in, and are perfect to introduce a bold focal point to any room.

About Penny’s Work 

Elegant dancers and majestic horses are the two main subjects of Penny’s work, united by the artist’s careful balancing of strength with gracefulness. A sense of dynamism is present in both Penny’s figurative and equine pieces, which is denoted by her visual representations of energy through expressive abstract brushstrokes. Penny draws focus to her passionate and active art style with a curated colour palette of bold red, white, and black tones, which the artist offsets with pops of vibrant yellows, blues, and purples. These accent colours introduce added dimension to Penny’s work, and unite the energy of her paintings with their surrounding spaces. With pieces ranging from as small as 50cm in width to over a metre in height, Penny offers paintings to suit a wide range of spaces, with a splash of drama in every piece. 

Penny works actively with oil paint on canvas to achieve maximum spontaneity and energetic expression in her work. In a process of action painting, she deliberately splashes and splatters her vibrant colours to forge a partnership with the oil paint. She exploits the risks and accidents that come with her process, in order to create a vibrant image out of a familiar well-known form. 

Styling Ideas

Penny’s signature use of red brings an unmistakable vibrancy to a space whilst still feeling refined, through her intuitive pairing with supplementary colours. Her contemporary style effortlessly complements modern interiors, by introducing a sleek expression of movement to the space. All the same, the artist’s timeless and graceful subjects are equally suited to more traditional tastes, and many of Penny’s figurative works are on permanent display in churches and cathedrals across the country. The artist’s figurative works often appear on tall, narrow canvases, which are perfect for adorning vertical expanses of wall, without compromising on style. Penny’s artworks are statement pieces through and through, and can facilitate the total transformation of a space with her commitment to colour and energy.

About The Artist

Penny began painting at an early age and was highly commended for her work by the Royal Drawing Society at just the age of twelve. After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Theology, Penny went on to pursue a BA in Fine Art and became a full time professional artist in 2001. Her work has been displayed in galleries and public collections across the country, including a monumental-scale commission for Blackburn Cathedral. This project saw Penny create fifteen 6ft oil paintings for permanent display in the cathedral, in what is one of the most ambitious modern art displays of its kind.