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Paul Fearn

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Metal Wildlife Patina Paintings

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Paul’s metal sheet paintings offer a unique pairing of subject matter with artistic processes, coalescing into a truly distinctive art style. The artist’s depictions of wildlife present the animals with grace and power, balanced by the industrial nature of the metal sheeting they are depicted on. Paul’s signature style makes for a truly collectable body of artworks, perfect for bringing a stylish, curated design to any space.

About Paul’s Work

Paul’s sheet paintings offer an exciting way to introduce some colour into interiors. The artist’s use of brass and copper sheeting often matches the earthy tones of the wildlife he depicts, and the blues and greens of the patinas complements his depiction of aquatic life. Paul travels extensively across the globe to photograph wildlife both on land and under the water. As an avid diver, koi, jellyfish, and coral all appear as recurring themes in Paul’s work, offering interesting shapes and textures for his aquatic designs. Paul’s artworks are sized to suit a range of spaces, with his smallest works at just 25cm wide, and his largest works nearing a metre in width.

Paul works with a truly unique pairing of subjects and techniques to create his signature wildlife artworks. He takes sheets of metal as his canvases, and carefully corrodes them to produce textural images of his subjects. The artist utilises the patination process to produce colour and texture, befitting the creatures and environments he describes.

Styling Ideas
Customer Paul Fearn photo
Customer Paul Fearn photo

Paul’s use of industrial materials lends a uniquely rugged energy to his work that has popularised it amongst many collectors. His largest works make for striking statement pieces, perfect to create a focal point in any space. In addition to the artist’s intriguing subject matter and enticing pattern designs, his use of material creates light reflections, making for a unique interaction between artwork and surroundings. Paul’s subtle use of colours is complementary to a range of existing interior designs, and can be styled to appeal to bolder tastes, or to introduce some vibrancy into more neutral-toned spaces. The artist’s smaller works may be styled to complement existing collections, and are particularly suitable within a gallery wall design. The artist’s work is highly collectable, and pair fantastically to create cohesive diptych and triptych arrangements across several individual works.

About The Artist

Paul lives and works in West Sussex where he can be close to the countryside and the wealth of British wildlife it offers. He also travels globally to photograph terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, with  hundreds of dives in most of the world’s oceans and seas. Paul is a four-time finalist in the prestigious international ‘David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year’ award, a testament to his captivating art style.