Pau Navarro

Pau Navarro

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Stunning Traditional Seascape Paintings

Why add a Pau Navarro to your collection?

Pau’s seascapes are calming, immersive, and enticing. His aptitude for working in a timeless style allows his work to seamlessly complement modern and traditional collections, alike. Pau identifies only the most beautiful features of the natural world, and collates them to achieve the pinnacle of seascape painting. Each piece is bursting with light, colour, and movement, in a manner that transcends the capabilities of photography. Instead, the artist’s hand is present in each brushstroke, making for a truly unique work of art that simply commands attention in any space to which they are introduced.

About Pau’s Work 

Pau masterfully constructs his seascapes to be not only beautiful paintings for his audience, but inviting experiences for them, too. The exact whereabouts of his scenes are excitingly ambiguous, allowing his audience to create their own relationship with the piece, and apply their own memories to his fantasised locations. His work offers oceanic blue tones, often paired with warm pops of oranges and pinks to create a summery Mediterranean feel within each piece. From coral sunsets above crashing teal waves, to the white surf bubbling over taupe-coloured rocks, only the most beautiful aspects of each scene are selected by Pau. 

Pau works with oil paints to carefully construct his seascapes. Layer by layer, his expert handling of light and colour allows him to convey texture within his scenes, and establish a worldly authenticity for his audience. When looking at his work, one can imagine stepping on the soft sandy shorelines, watching as the water glistens over smooth pebbles, and feeling the gentle breeze as it grazes the ocean’s surface. There is an undeniable Impressionist edge to his work at close quarters, where the artist’s hand is visible in each meticulous brushstroke. Meanwhile, from a distance, there is a greater Realism to Pau’s romanticised style. His use of large canvases, often exceeding a metre in width, allows Pau to incorporate great detail into his focal-point artworks. Pau’s work subsequently offers a multifaceted viewing experience, particularly suiting his work to lively living spaces. 

Styling Ideas

His landscape-oriented seascapes are often panoramic in dimension, making them the perfect addition to spaces above sofas and atop mantelpieces. These unusual dimensions add to the intrigue of his paintings, and further promote them as quintessential statement pieces. Pau’s timeless style suits his work to display in both modern and traditional interiors. The blue tones of his seascapes offer a cool, calming effect to their surroundings, whilst continuing to create a warm and inviting atmosphere through the artist’s intuitive application of light and undertones. 

About The Artist

Born in Alicante in 1968, into an artistic family, Pau’s creativity was evident from an early age, and he began painting at the age of 12. He firstly began his career as a musician, whilst continuing to learn to paint under his father’s guidance. Whilst completing his military service in Zaragoza, Pau was awarded the first prize in an art exhibition sponsored by the Regional Government of Zaragoza. Once his service was complete, he joined the local Fine Arts Academy and began to pursue a career in the Arts. Pau was motivated to be able to work with a range of subjects and styles, but is now best known for his modern yet timeless seascape scenes. He has exhibited at a number of International Exhibitions and Art Fairs, and his work can be found in collections around the world.