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Why add a Mark Sofilas to your collection?

Mark’s paintings are inspired by the idiosyncrasies of Europe, the northern
English coast & countryside, bringing to his work the perspective of someone
who originates from a very different landscape.  Born in Western Australia, Mark worked as an illustrator for the advertising industry until he located to the UK in 2008.  Mark is now a member of Leeds Fine Artists, and his work is shown & sold in galleries throughout the North of England & London.

About Mark’s Work

Grand day out II 1

Mark’s paintings are inspired by the emotions a moment or particular scene evokes in him. It might be something as simple as sunlight hitting waves, or a silhouette created by a particular light source. It may be the strength of history, which emanates from an everyday object or piece of architecture.

Mark communicates these sentiments in paint. He relies on memory and imagination with the ultimate goal being to create an image as close as possible to what he felt on the day.  He achieves this by exaggerating or enhancing particular colours, manipulating perspective slightly & pushing shape & form, to paint a piece where the image created has not only captured the physical qualities of the scene, but more importantly, the feeling of the place.

Styling Ideas

Mark’s romantic scenes of Italy or rural France and the British landscape are traditional at heart, but timeless in content and modern in approach. His largest works are perfect statement pieces;  designed to delight with uplifting colours of  familiar scenes, whilst Mark’s smaller works possess all the same charm, and are tailored to suit even the most petite of spaces. His modern impressionist style is suited to traditional and modern interiors alike, offering a serene complement any collection.

About The Artist

After obtaining his diploma in graphic design, specialising in illustration, Mark began his professional career as a freelance commercial artist.

He has worked in the advertising, publishing and editorial industries in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Having worked as an illustrator/artist for over 25 years, Mark relocated to
the UK in 2008 where he now paints full time from his studio in Leeds.