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Mario Sanzone

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Impressionist Waterfront Cityscape Paintings

Why add a Mario Sanzone to your collection?

Mario Sanzone’s work is inviting, atmospheric, and presents his audience with an enticing sense of wanderlust. His contemporary twist on Impressionism yields a modern yet traditional style that is truly timeless. The artist’s luminous palette of sumptuous blues, pinks, and greens captures the waterfronts of Naples and London with a charming romanticism that effortlessly complements a range of existing collections. Sanzone’s large landscapes are stunning focal pieces that take pride of place in the homes of many collectors, all of whom have been enchanted by his expert handling of light and colour.

Sanzone in situ

About Mario’s Work 

Typically larger scenes, often 1m in width, Sanzone’s cityscapes are statement pieces by design. His jewel-toned palette captures the vibrancy of nightlife, and the enchanting sense of wonderment that it brings. Mario specialises in painting twilight scenes, where he captures the atmosphere of these towns and cities at dusk. The popular Italian destinations of Naples, and Positano on the Amalfi Coast often inspire Sanzone’s work. He intuitively balances deep blues with pops of bright pinks and green, making for enticing and vibrant scenes, which beckon closer viewing. Sanzone equally paints his London scenes with the same romanticism that he affords to Italy. With a masterful handling of colour, the artist replicates the twinkle of lights in the distance, fabricating a beguiling scene with a matter of brushstrokes. His paintings offer a unique, rarely-seen perspective of these enchanting locations, inviting the viewer to share the intimacy of this high vantagepoint.

Painting in a contemporary take on the Impressionist style, Sanzone’s paintings offer a different viewing experience when viewed at close-quarters, compared to when admired from afar. The artist’s intricate nightlife scenes become increasingly abstract when viewed more closely, attributable to Sanzone’s expert handling of light and colour with a number of fleeting, expressive brushstrokes. Using oil paints, Sanzone creates a translucency where light meets water, adding to the overall attention to detail in his scenes. 

Styling Ideas

As larger works, a Mario Sanzone is a perfect focal point for any space. His use of darker colours builds intrigue and draws the eye firstly towards the painting, before inviting the viewer to take a closer look into the scene. His dark blue tones contrast beautifully when displayed on neutral and white walls, allowing the artwork to steal the limelight as the centerpiece of the room. Other collectors have played into the artist’s atmospheric use of colour, and have displayed his work against complementary navy tones, making for a harmonious pairing of artwork with interior. The contemporary use of vibrant colour creates a thoroughly modern feel throughout Sanzone’s body of work which has suited it to many similarly designed homes. All the same, the artist’s interest in more traditional themes and pleasing Impressionist style reinforces a timelessness in his work that will complement a range of existing collections. 

About The Artist

Mario Sanzone was born in 1946, and studied at the Fine Art Academy in his hometown of Naples. After completing his studies, the artist has gone on to partake in exhibitions throughout Italy, across Europe, and in Northern America. His signature style of waterfront cityscapes have gained his great popularity amongst collectors, who cherish his work in their homes.