Louise McNaught

Louise McNaught

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Colourful Animal Prints and Paintings

Why add a Louise McNaught to your collection?

Louise’s work is colourful, exciting, and poignant, as the artist raises important questions about human relations with the natural world in her dynamic artworks. Her original paintings and limited edition prints are highly contemporary in style and make the perfect addition for those seeking to add some modernity to their collection. Her work takes pride of place in the homes of many collectors, and has been exhibited at galleries and art fairs across the world. Louise’s passion for animal activism radiates through her work, as she presents her subjects with the utmost respect and transforms them into ethereal creatures, making for truly beautiful and powerful works of art.

About Louise’s Work 

Louise creates original oil paintings and limited edition giclée prints of her handcrafted designs. These pieces are full of colour, featuring animals in sublime, God-like settings. Her gentle handling of light and colour suggests a delicate relationship between ourselves and nature, creating an emotive and spiritual experience within each piece. Lions, elephants, polar bears, and giraffes are just a few of the animals to grace Louise’s work, all of which are rare and endangered species. The artist’s focus on endangered species manifested into ‘Survival’, a book showcasing 20 endangered animals paintings by Louise. Published in 2018, the proceeds of the book went towards the Tusk charity, and the project is testament to Louise’s commitment to her art and animal welfare.

Louise’s animal portraits are inspired by Salvador Dali the Surrealist movement. The fragmentation of her subjects adds a modern edge to her realistic paintings, as her animals melt away into almost liquid forms. Symbolically, this effect represents the fragility of animal life, particularly the endangered species that frequent Louise’s work. These gravity-defying drips and apparition like glitches equally make for a unique signature feature in the artist’s contemporary style.

Styling Ideas
Louise McNaught customer photo
Louise McNaught customer photo

Louise’s striking animal portraits make for fantastic statement pieces. Her limited edition framed prints are typically around 70cm wide, whilst her original paintings are often exceed a metre in width. Many collectors seek to match the vibrancy of Louise’s work, and have displayed some of her most colourful pieces to complement a colourful feature wall in their home. Equally, her works with more muted grey and brown tones are complementary to more neutral interiors, and existing collectors have stylishly paired such pieces with sleek, minimal interior designs. Louise’s framed giclée prints additionally look fantastic as part of a trendy modern gallery wall design, and pair excellently with existing contemporary collections. 

About The Artist

Louise completed her Fine Art Degree BSc (Hons) at the University of Greenwich in 2012. She has continued to work as a professional artist ever since, and also became a published author in 2018. She has shown with galleries and art fairs in Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm, Brussels and all over the UK.