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Julie Cross

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Contemporary Impressionist Figurative and Portrait Paintings

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Julie’s expressive paintings present a contemporary take on Impressionism, making for a truly beautiful and captivating body of work. From afar, the viewer is rewarded with the timeless elegance of the female form, and at close quarters with the complexity of the surface. Her work offers a dash of gracefulness amidst an understated colour palette, making for a body of truly beautiful and collectable artworks.

About Julie’s Work 

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Julie creates enigmatic figurative works, typically featuring solitary female figures and faces. Her employment of ambiguous backgrounds and abstracted landscapes allow viewers to create their own story from the suggested elements. Sometimes the works highlight the interconnections between humans and their environment, sometimes individual psychological states. At other times, they work purely on a more formal, visual level, with the colour harmonies and elegant compositions harking back to classics from art history, but with a modern twist. Julie works with an understated use of colour, and sparingly employs lime greens, cobalt blues, and fiery reds to breathe life into her enchanting subjects. Her paintings vary in size from smaller accent pieces, measuring as little as 22cm x 18cm, through to large statement portraits measuring 85cm x 65cm.   

Julie’s paintings are often characterised by rich textures, which are created over time with multiple oil paint applications. Sometimes the oil paint is mixed with cold wax medium and applied boldly, not just with brushes and palette knives, but with rollers and rubber scrapers, adding an exciting contemporary method of glazing and scumbling over existing dry paint layers, creating a sense of veiled mystery. Even her smallest pieces are often many months in the making, as paint is added, and sometimes removed, so that time itself sometimes helps create the unique surface. 

Styling Ideas

Julie’s pairing of traditional techniques with contemporary working methods and textural elements, allows her work to complement modern environments and more traditional interiors, alike. Part of our Art Under £1000 Collection, her smallest accent pieces pair fantastically as part of a modern gallery wall design. Julie’s signature grey frames introduce a polished contemporary feel to these small yet impactful artworks, which also work beautifully as lone accent pieces in home interiors. Her large portraits serve as beguiling focal points, and introduce an understated charm to any space, through the artist’s intuitive use of colour in her compositions. 

About The Artist

After a career as an academic, receiving MA degrees in Childhood Studies and History of Art, and a doctorate in Children’s Literature, in 2006, Julie succumbed to her lifelong love of art and became a professional artist.  After quickly winning numerous awards for her paintings, Julie became the Chair and Exhibitions Coordinator for a national animal art association.  However, her love of story and the human form won out and for the last 5 years, Julie has focused on her figurative and portrait work after studying at Newlyn School of Art and working with several well-known American portrait artists.  Her work is included in numerous private collections and is exhibited widely, nationally and internationally, including at the Mall Galleries, London, with the Society of Women Artists and the ING Discerning Eye exhibitions in particular.