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Timeless Impressionist Landscape Paintings

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John Hammond remains to be of Britain’s leading landscape painters working in the medium of acrylics. His work is held in private and corporate collections worldwide, adding a touch of timeless charm with every piece. John’s landscapes, cityscapes, and inviting bar scenes are beautiful additions to any collection. His paintings present an indulgent sense of wanderlust, with only the most enticing features of each scene making the final piece. From London to Venice, John captures some of the most well-loved locations across Europe, and the memories many share with these special cities. 

About John’s Work 

Travelling around the UK and abroad, John explored new and established themes with equal enthusiasm. Destinations throughout Europe inspired his work, from the beautiful greenery of the Cotswold countryside, and the bustling streets of Covent Garden, to the glow of a Tuscan field, and the shimmer of reflections on blue Venice waters. With each piece, John conveyed the particular qualities of light and atmosphere, to recreate the experience of the scene within his work. From his largest pieces exceeding 100cm across, down to works just 40cm wide, every carefully composed landscape and cityscape is captured with a vibrant palette and assured brushwork. John was also renowned for his striking Jazz club scenes, which are steeped in rich red tones, and capture the joyful hubbub of the nightlife atmosphere. 

John built up layers of texture and hue with acrylic paint, to create a sense of his paintings glowing from within. Working in an impressionistic style, John’s work references the likes of Manet and Renoir with his ability to capture the fleeting moments in life, and preserve the beauty of the scene in all of its glory. His artworks are both emotionally evocative and visually exciting, by creating an intimacy between painting and viewer. 

Styling Ideas
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Customer John Hammond photo

John’s bustling cityscapes, romantic Venetian canals, and peaceful beach scenes are traditional at heart, but utterly timeless in content. His larger works are perfect stand-out statement pieces; intuitively designed to capture attention with uplifting colours and familiar scenes, whilst holding the gaze through the artist’s inviting handling of fine details. John’s smallest works possess all the same charm, and are tailored to suit even the most petite of spaces. His classical impressionist style is suited to traditional and modern interiors alike, offering a tasteful and understated splash of colour to even the most contemporary of interiors. 

About The Artist

John trained at Wimbledon College of Art and at the Bath Academy of Art, and went on to participate in numerous group shows. Notably, John had exhibited with the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts (SWAc), winning an award at their 2000 Summer Exhibition. 

John sadly passed away in January 2023, having been not only a truly talented artist, but also a wonderful person, and great friend of the gallery. John was a firm favourite at No Naked Walls for nearly a decade, and joined us for numerous exhibitions over the years, including Atmosphere & Light in 2019 and The Promise of Summer in 2021. John’s paintings have touched the hearts of many, and he will be deeply missed by all who knew him.