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Large Scale Vibrant Landscape Paintings

Why add a John Connolly to your collection? 
John Connolly customer photo
John Connolly customer photo

John’s paintings are exceedingly popular in private collections all around the world, and can be found in the homes of collectors in the UK, and throughout Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. His work approaches the natural world with a passion for light and colour, that makes for truly beautiful and uplifting artworks.

About John’s Work 

Landscapes and seascapes, including charming woodlands, colourful meadows, peaceful beaches, and dynamic coastlines embody much of John’s original acrylic paintings. His subjects are quintessentially British, taking inspiration from the Northern landscapes of the Peak District and North Yorkshire Moors, down to the unspoiled seascapes of Cornwall and the Isle of Wight, and also include the glorious Surrey Hills that neighbour No Naked Walls gallery. 

John’s capturing of familiar locations appeals to many collectors, who wish to preserve and commemorate a special place they have visited. John’s style captures the natural charm of the scenery, and his treatment of light and colour establishes an authenticity akin to being in the great outdoors itself. John expertly works on large-scale canvases, with many pieces exceeding 1m in width, to produce statement artworks for collectors. He is equally adept at working to a smaller scale, treating even his smallest 20cm images with the same passion and detail.

John works with acrylic paint on canvas, although he has been known to mix media in his work. Dried grass, twigs, leaves, and ferns have appeared in many of his landscapes, and he has used sand directly onto the beaches of his renowned seascapes, to achieve his desired effect. John’s use of acrylic paint with found materials yields exciting textural works of art, and introduces an added dimension of depth to his landscapes.

Styling Ideas
The finshed Connolly painting
The finished Connolly painting

The size and content of John’s works vary greatly, meaning there is a John Connolly original painting to suit every need and location in the home. Many collectors favour John’s larger paintings as bold statement pieces as focal points for a room, including above fireplaces, behind sofas, and on other vast expanses of wall. Whilst some of his smallest works measure just 30cm across, John’s bright and beautiful sunsets and flower-filled meadows bring a pop of colour to whatever space they inhabit. Many of John’s smaller works are available pre-framed in a timeless whitewashed wood to suit both modern and traditional home interiors. His pairing of traditional landscape and seascape themes with contemporary vibrant colours creates artworks that complement a variety of interior designs. Whether you are seeking an original painting to add to your existing collection, or are looking to introduce a fresh new pop of colour to your home, a John Connolly work will suit your decorative needs.

About John

John is based in Chesterfield, and trained for many years as an Art and Drama teacher, before becoming a full-time artist in 2010. He studied Fine Art at Leeds College in 1976, and has additionally enjoyed a successful career as an actor and playwright.