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Jennie Ing

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Colourful Modern Cityscape Prints

Why add a Jennie Ing to your collection?

Jennie’s vibrant cityscapes are fun, stylish, and designed to bring a splash of colour to any collection. Her work is treasured by many collectors in and around London, but also as far afield as New Zealand! Her work is popular amongst those missing London life, and seeking to preserve a slice of the excitement, wherever they may be. The joyful colour palette of Jennie’s work is truly uplifting, and is perfect to liven up even the smallest of wall spaces.

About Jennie’s Work

Jennie’s work is driven by an interest in architecture, and a fascination with the way space is taken up in our cities. London skylines are prevalent in Jennie’s limited edition prints, with iconic landmarks including Battersea Power Station, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the city’s various parks all making regular appearances in her work. The artist is drawn to the patterns, repetition, and colours found in the built environment. This makes for bright and beautiful renderings of these iconic structures, reimagined in hues of magenta pinks, dusky oranges, and vibrant blues. Jennie’s small to medium linoprints are typically around 30cm to 50cm when framed, and add a fun pop of colour to any collection.

Jennie’s linear and graphic style complements her architectural subjects, by playing into the structure and uniformity of their shapes. Her work is achieved entirely by hand, and requires great foresight when planning her editions. Jennie works in relief print with her linocut process, using the reduction method to achieve her layers of bold colour. The artist works colour by colour, cutting away areas of the lino block and printing the remaining area onto paper, until the finished print is achieved.

Styling Ideas

Jennie’s sleek framed cityscape prints are perfect additions to modern gallery wall designs. Many collectors have sought her work to complement their contemporary interior style, and to introduce a splash of colour to neutral interiors. The uniformity across much of Jennie’s work allows her prints to be styled effortlessly as a triptych, and transform a space with an array of iconic London landmarks. All of Jennie’s works are part of our Art Under £1000 collection, making them the perfect gift for the art lover in your life.

About The Artist

Jennie has lived in and near London for the past 30 years, and the city’s landmark buildings and well-known views have greatly influenced her work. Jennie undertook a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Richmond College, after giving up full time secretarial work at Channel Four Television. She then went on to complete a Fine Art Printmaking degree at Croydon College, before gaining her Masters Degree at Wimbledon School of Art in 2002. Three years later, she made the decision to pursue her art career full time. Today, her work can be seen in a number of galleries, including at Greenwich Printmakers Gallery and Southbank Printmakers Gallery, where her work is permanently on display.