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Jane Wachman

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Colourful Contemporary Abstract Paintings

Why add a Jane Wachman to your collection?

Jane’s bright and bold abstract acrylic paintings bring a burst of colour to the homes of her collectors. Her work is truly beautiful and unique, inspired by visits to locations far and wide. Recent bodies of work have been inspired by the bold colour of Morocco and the North of India, whilst a softer haziness was inspired by her time in the South. Jane’s modern, expressive paintings capture the energy of these beautiful locations, and invigorate any space to which they are introduced. Her works are perfect for anyone seeking to introduce some fun and flair to their collection, with a fresh burst of colour.

About Jane’s Work 

Jane’s abstract paintings are bold, colourful, and modern. She has drawn inspiration from regular visits each year to the Ring of Beara on the West Coast of Ireland, the South Downs of England, and more recently the Mediterranean landscapes of Morocco. Bold fluorescent colours often appear in Jane’s paintings, and introduce an added sense of modernity to her work. Whilst some of her landscapes are more abstracted than others, her consistent use of bright colours continues to push the boundaries of traditional landscape painting, in favour of a truly contemporary work of art. In her latest work, Jane has added a hint of shimmer, and these thin translucent layers indicate traces of what has gone before, and adds to the feeling of transience in her work. Her gestural paintings exude energy and movement at every size; from as little as 30cm in width to over a metre in height.

Jane’s abstract paintings are a process of layering, mark-making, and of deconstruction and reconstruction. For the artist, the act of painting is a continuous process always changing, taking away to create something new. Her process of layering references the ever-changing outlines of landscapes, and she considers this to be representative of the disposable society we live in, particularly in her cityscapes. 

Styling Ideas
Jane Wachman customer photo
Jane Wachman customer photo

Jane’s bold abstract style is perfect to complement modern interiors, or for any collector seeking to add a contemporary flair to more traditional interiors. Her larger pieces are designed to make a statement, whilst smaller framed works can nestle perfectly into a modern gallery wall design. Jane’s gestural artworks exude energy and movement, and are composed to liven up any space. Her works demand attention and create an exciting focal point wherever they may be displayed.

About The Artist

Jane received her BA (Hons) in Fine Art from The John Cass School of Art in 2011, after completing her Art Foundation Degree at the Wimbledon School of Art. She is now based in Wimbledon Art Studios, and has exhibited extensively across London and the South East of England.