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James Stevens

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Wildlife, Racing, and Aviation Paintings

Why add a James Stevens to your collection?

James’ work plays to his passions, ranging from wildlife to aviation, along with a keen interest in Formula One. His work is an exciting collection for animal lovers and racing enthusiasts alike, as the artist expertly translates his subjects onto canvas. Often working with bold backgrounds, James’ paintings offer a pop of colour to home interiors, and make a fantastic focal point for any room. 

About James’ Work 

With his subjects including wildlife, aviation, and Formula One racing, James’ style calls for precision, colour, and an admirable attention to detail. James uses colour boldly, often working with just a single vibrant colour for his background. His paintings make bright and uplifting additions to home interiors, and are additionally wonderful conversation points, thanks to the skill in his realistic style.  

James’ detailed animal paintings are inspired by renowned wildlife artist, David Shepherd, whose captivating artworks made him one of the world’s most successful commercial wildlife artists. Putting his own contemporary spin on the subject and introducing some man made subjects to his collection, James has set his sights to achieve the same level of respect and notoriety as the realism artists who have come before him. 

Working with oils and acrylics to bring his ideas to life, James expertly captures movement to perfectly suspend a moment in time. Whether it’s the nail biting drama of a Formula 1 pit stop, or the gentle hubbub amongst a herd of animals, James’ bold and precise style makes for a captivating painting, every time.  

Styling Ideas

Working across a range of sizes, from small gap-fillers, to bold statement pieces, James’ paintings are poised to suit a range of spaces in your home. James’ larger pieces are perfectly-sized to fit above sofas and beds, making for excellent focal points in any room. His simple tray frames add the finishing touch to these bright and uplifting paintings, which can fit in seamlessly amongst existing decor. The artist’s bold use of colour in his backgrounds allows his paintings to make a statement in neutrally-decorated rooms. Equally, they can be styled to complement existing colour schemes, matching the greens, yellows, and blues to your soft furnishings. James’ eye-catching designs are filled with detail, making them just as impactful up close, as the “wow-factor” they offer from across across a room. 

About The Artist

Self-taught artist James Stevens began his artistic career when he swapped pens and pencils for acrylic paints, to develop his distinctive, polished style. Whilst only in the very start of his painting career, James is already successfully making a name for himself within the industry. He was recently selected as a finalist for the Visual Art Open 2022 with his striking figurative painting of F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, set against a vibrant teal blue background. James enjoys the difficulty and challenge he faces in mastering his paintings, and continually pushes himself to bring his ideas into fruition.