Gunther Fruhmesser

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Why add a Fruhmesser to your collection?

For Gunther, painting is all about creating a sense of place, by capturing light and atmosphere in his wonderful landscapes.  He is a well known landscape painter in his native Germany.

About Gunther’s Work

As a young man Gunther spent many years travelling. He stayed for a time in Scotland and England, where he used his visits to art galleries and museums to hone his painting skills, by studying the techniques of past masters. Gunther works with oil paint to achieve the detail and effect of light and shadow in his work, such as in reflections on water. His capturing of fleeting moments references the impressionists, and his love of nature and landscape is apparent in all his work.

Styling ideas

Gunther’s timeless impressionist style is perfectly suited to more traditional interiors, but can equally introduce an understated boost of colour and the outdoors to more modern interiors.

About the artist

Gunther Fruhmesser was born in 1958 in Dusseldorf. His father was an acclaimed artist, and taught  Gunther the rudiments of painting. He now paints from his home in the foot of the Bavarian Alps, and his work is gaining reputation far afield, being in many private collections.